Live Webcam Iisalmi Panorama, Finland

Overview live webcam shows a panoramic view of the town of Iisalmi in Finland.


Iisalmi is a small town located on the eastern shore of Lake Porovesi in the central part of the province of Northern Savonia in eastern Finland, 230 km southeast of the city of Oulu. Iisalmi was founded in 1627, today it has about 22 thousand inhabitants, an area of 827.6 km² and a coastline of 495 km.

Iisalmi’s attractions include: Brewery Museum, the Karelian Orthodox Cultural Centre, the Church of St. Elijah, built by architect Ilmari Ahonen in 1957, The Local History and Culture Museum, the Nature Museum, the world’s smallest restaurant Kuappi, Paloisvuori Ski Resort, the Tiilikkajärvi National Park, known for its sandy beaches and nature trails, and much more.