Pescara Coastline Live Webcam, Italy

The live webcam shows the coastline of the city of Pescara in Italy.

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Pescara is a resort town and the capital of the province of the same name in the Abruzzo region of eastern Italy. It is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea at the mouth of the Aterno-Pescara River, 214 kilometers (133 miles) east of Rome. Pescara is one of the most popular resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy, well-known for its extensive sandy beaches with a total length of over 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).

Pescara is situated in a Mediterranean climate zone, with an average annual temperature of around +14 °C (57.2 °F). The climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool winters. Precipitation is relatively low, about 676 millimeters (26.6 inches) per year, most of which falls in autumn and winter. One of the main attractions of Pescara is the central square, where you can see the Town Hall and the government building of the province of Pescara. Through this online webcam, you can view Pescara’s beach and the Matteotti promenade.