Puerta del Sol Live Webcam, Madrid

The live webcam shows the neon sign of Tio Pepe on the square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Picture from Puerta del Sol Live Webcam, Madrid online camera in , Spain

Puerta del Sol is the main square of Madrid, one of the city’s key landmarks and busiest areas. It is located at the intersection of many streets in the heart of Madrid’s historic district and is known for its array of historical attractions. The square took its current form between 1857 and 1862 under the guidance of architects Lucio del Valle, Juan Rivera, and José Morer. The main attraction of the square is the historical building Real Casa de Correos, built between 1766 and 1768, featuring a prominent clock tower. In the center of the square stands an equestrian statue of King Charles III of Spain. Puerta del Sol is one of the main centers of public and political life in Madrid, hosting various public and festive events. It is also a major transportation hub in Madrid, with access to numerous metro lines, bus routes, and suburban trains.

Tio Pepe is an iconic advertising sign in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, which has become one of the symbols of Spain’s capital. The sign depicts a bottle of Tio Pepe dry sherry dressed in traditional Andalusian attire with a red jacket, hat, and guitar, bearing the slogan “Sol de Andalucía embotellado” (“The Sun of Andalusia in a bottle”). The Tio Pepe sign was installed in 1936 on the roof of the Paris Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels in Madrid at the time. Over the years, the sign became an integral part of the city’s landscape and a symbol of Puerta del Sol. Today, the Tio Pepe sign remains an important part of the square’s historical and cultural character. The sign continues to advertise sherry produced by González Byass, serving as a reminder of the long-standing tradition and cultural connections between Madrid and Andalusia.