Alhambra Palace Live Webcam, Granada

Live webcam shows the Alhambra Palace in the city of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

Picture from Alhambra Palace Live Webcam, Granada online camera in , Europe

The Alhambra is a palace and park complex in Spain, located on a hill in the eastern part of the city of Granada in Andalusia. In the past, Granada was the capital of the Emirate of Granada on the Iberian Peninsula, and the Alhambra Palace was the residence of the rulers of the Emirate.

The palace was built during the Nasrid dynasty, who ruled the Emirate of Granada from 1230 to 1492. The palace included fortress walls with towers, gardens, mosques, dwellings, baths and warehouses. Nowadays, only the palaces built mainly in the XIV century have survived. Today the Alhambra is a museum of Islamic architecture and a notable landmark of Andalusia and the all of Spain.