Live Webcam Messeturm Skyscraper, Frankfurt am Main

Live webcam shows the Messeturm Skyscraper in Frankfurt, the picture is updated every 10 seconds.


The Messeturm is the second tallest building in Frankfurt am Main after the Commerzbank Tower and the third tallest building in Germany and the European Union. The Messeturm is 256.5 meters (843 ft) high, which is 2.5 meters lower than the 259 meters (850 ft) high Commerzbank Tower. The Messeturm is located next to the Frankfurt Trade Fair and its name translates from German as “Trade Fair Tower”, but it has nothing to do with the fair. The special feature of this 55-story skyscraper is its pyramidal roof, which is 36.3 meters high. The webcam shows the buildings of the Frankfurt Fair in the foreground and the Banking District of Frankfurt in the background.