Playa de Santiago Live Webcam, La Gomera Island

The live webcam shows Playa de Santiago on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands, Spain.


Playa de Santiago is a charming coastal village on the southern coast of La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands in Spain. It is part of the Alajeró municipality and is known for its serene atmosphere and stunning natural landscapes. The development and growth of Playa de Santiago were closely linked to agriculture and fishing. Today, it is a popular coastal resort with developed infrastructure, luxurious hotels, and magnificent beaches.

The village offers a wide range of accommodations: from luxury hotels like the famous Jardín Tecina Hotel, perched on a cliff, to cozy apartments and houses along the coast. Popular activities include strolling along the promenade and exploring the nearby ravines, as well as engaging in water sports. The harbor of Playa de Santiago is a focal point for tourists, providing docks for boats and offering sea excursions. This area is popular for dolphin and whale watching tours. The freshest seafood and fish are staples of the local cuisine, which can be sampled in the local restaurants and cafes of Playa de Santiago.

Playa de Santiago beach is one of the largest beaches on the island of La Gomera, stretching up to 1.5 kilometers. Playa de Santiago is covered with both large and small pebbles. It is equipped with all the necessary beach infrastructure: sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, showers, changing rooms, and a variety of restaurants and shops nearby. Playa de Santiago is located on the bay’s coast in the southernmost part of La Gomera, near La Gomera Airport (Aeropuerto de La Gomera).