Live Webcam Luisenplatz Square, Potsdam

Live webcam shows a real time view of the Luisenplatz Square in Potsdam from Hotel am Luisenplatz.

Picture from Live Webcam Luisenplatz Square, Potsdam online camera in , Germany

Luisenplatz Square is one of the city squares of Potsdam, it is located in the historic city center near the Sanssouci Park. The square was formed in 1733, when the city wall of Potsdam was being built. It was originally named after Princess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, but later the square was renamed after Queen Louise (Queen of Prussia).

In 1854 a fountain was created in the center of the square, and its main attraction is the Brandenburg Gate, built between 1770 and 1771 on the site of the old city gates by order of Frederick II to commemorate the end of the Seven Years’ War. The Hotel Am Luisenplatz 4* is located on the square and has a restaurant El Baron, sauna and summer terrace overlooking the square and the Brandenburg Gate.